New Normal Policy & Routines (from 01 July 2020)

New Normal Policy & Routines (from 01 July 2020)
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Free Private Transfer

Free private round-trip transfers from Phuket/Krabi. We do not want you to sit on a crowded boat/van over to us! Min. 3 nights stay, must book via phone call, email or on our website.

Flexible Booking Policy

Any booking made from 1st July 2020 and forward with a deposit can be date changed for whatever reason. Must be notified by email not less than 14 days before arrival date. Valid 18 months forward from intended check-in date.

Contactless Check-in/Check-out

Social distancing during check-in. No paperwork. We fill in the registration forms. Copy of passport and arrival card. Temperature check with the thermo scan for each guest before entering the villa.

Sanitisers Provided

Sanitisers provided in key public areas. Guests provided with alcohol hand spray or hand gel to the guest upon arrival.

No back to back bookings

No back to back bookings in the villas. 24h deep clean between every guest.

Social Distancing

Social distancing in public areas and limiting numbers of guess using the facilities.


Temperature check of all staff at shift start by the manager. Staffs wear face shield and latex gloves during all guest service and washing hands before and after each guest service. Trash bin disposal for the mask and latex gloves at the staff area, separately.

Clean Villas

Frquently cleaning of all room and outside areas with the antiseptic especially the touch point areas, door handle, taps, drawers, floor, all kinds of bottles that are set up inside the villa, also air filters, etc. Spray antiseptic inside the villa. Including curtains and carpets.

Safe Holidays

We have the right villas, locations, with trained & updated staff to ensure a safe holiday. We take this seriously and need you to give us specific safety instructions so we can find the perfect safety balance for you.